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grow, deliver, defend

It's easier to invent the future than to predict it.

our story

Inspired by years of curating customer experiences, the founding team broke out of corporate America to start a fresh kind of digital marketplace business – one that puts brands and customers above everything. Neato was born out of the belief that brands deserve better on the world’s largest digital commerce platforms. We set out to architect the perfect customer journey, ensuring our brand partners thrive at the highest levels of commerce. We curb the status quo and help the world’s best brands to Sell Well.

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culture code

brand champions

We are uncompromising advocates for those we work with.

Dedicated? More like obsessed. We’re an extension of the cultures our partners establish.

team of leaders

We’re trailblazers – a bold band of “Why Nots” in a world of feeble “Whys”.

A collective team of leaders that throw away perceived out-of-the-box strategies in favor of genuine innovation as the only drumbeat towards true success.


We are data nerds that craft tools and bold strategies that predict the future and capitalize on the past.

We are the catalysts in the science of curating the perfect customer journey.

connection over commerce

We believe that connection over commerce, wins at commerce.

Neato stands firmly at the center of an equation that both improves how customers feel about brands and how brands gain loyal customer advocates.

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We’re people who make the impossible, possible.

Neato is growing fast and we’re always looking for talent. If you’re curious and driven, we’re interested.

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We chose Las Vegas as the home for Neato because it’s so much more than casinos and entertainers – it’s an arena for transformation that vibrates with opportunity. Just like Neato, Vegas is built on hopes, dreams and endless innovation.

5385 Wynn Road, Suite B.
Las Vegas, 89118

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our nonprofit partner

Neato is a proud partner and contributor to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, a nonprofit that provides a safe, nurturing home with therapeutic treatment services to abused and at-risk children. We’ve partnered with St. Jude’s Ranch to help transform the lives of these kids by empowering them to take new chances, make new choices and achieve new hope.

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