Infrastructure to Sell Well

Our strong commitment to your success is rooted in the substantial resources that integrate with your brand day-in and day-out. For free.

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

Building on Your Team

We bring a band of experts that are meaningfully additive to your bottom line.
Brand Manager

The glue that connects Neato to your internal team.

SEO Ninja

Amazon SEO expert.

Customer Service Champion

Dedicated customer support team member within Neato.

Control Freak

Dedicated support to helping control the brands presence across Amazon.

Inventory Scientist

Inventory control specialist that does forecasting, planning, and logistics for your brand.

Global Expansion Strategist

Helps expand to new marketplaces and new countries.

Market Analyst

Analyst that specializes in Amazon and helps the brands understand the playing field they’re playing in.

Content Director

Content creator that manages, create, tests and implements carefully curated content.

Purchasing Your Product

Imagine having the luxury to properly prepare for future scale. Neato purchases inventory up front… which means cash flow up front.

Handling Your Logistics

We streamline systems and deal with the nuances that allow for smooth sales.

When developing your brand, you probably didn’t intend to become a logistics company. We’ve got these complexities covered.

Prep, Pack & FBA Services
Automated Facility
Quality Controls

Freight and Pick-up Services

Repackaging and Variety Pack Creation

Packaging Waste Analysis and Strategy

3P Fulfilment Service and Storage

1P Prep, Storage, and Shipping

Defending Your Brand

A brand is only as sustainable as the strength of its relationship with its customers. We understand platform nuances, monitor sentiment, and manage community.

Once the foundation has been set and the momentum has started, Neato is here to ensure your audience is safe, secure and well taken care of.

Take Control

Price and Seller Tracking
Unauthorized Seller Removal
Marketplace Compliance
Listing Monitoring and Syndication
White Glove Customer Service

Custom Technology Build Out

While our methods were built by the brightest, we’re also backed by a full stack of technologies that aid in our pursuit of perfect process.

Data at your fingertips. We provide real-time performance insights, so you can make more informed decisions.

A turnkey, dedicated team that capably controls pricing, content, messaging and a suite of other growth essentials.

Regular Purchase Orders, Ensuring Items Are Always in Stock
Single Distribution Point
Legal Services for Removal of Unauthorized Sellers
90%+ Compliance in Less Than a Year
Retail at MAP (Minimum Advertising Price) Pricing
Tailored Brand Strategy
Access to Proprietary Technology to Fuel Growth at Scale
Partner Ownership of All Collected Data
Seamless Operational Integration
Zero Amazon Fees
Simplified Logistics
Significant Increase of Time to Focus on What You Do Best

The best part about our services is that they’re free.

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If you’re already working with Amazon or you’re hesitant about the advantages of an exclusive engagement with Neato, we’re glad to accommodate a hybrid approach.